Episode 892 : FreeForAll Monday: Use of Pronoun Badge What Does It All Mean

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🇺🇸Hank Strange🦅WMMF Ep 892 : On this episode of Who Moved My Freedom It’s FreeForAll Monday Med Student Use of Pronoun Badge & How to Use Emojis What Does It All Mean? I have Walter Keller of StenParts.com and Babyface P on YouTube joining me.

We all had an interesting Easter weekend. Walter and I continued the vanlife camper van build while babyface tested night vision at the hacienda. We’ve got this and a whole lot of shenanigans for FreeForAll Monday:)

WMMF Walter Keller   WMMF Hank Strange

I spent the weekend in Safety Harbor with Walter working on the MB Cruiser camper van conversion build that we are working on.  We ripped off the components off the roof including the Air conditioner, bathroom fan, and rooftop van.

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Patrick did some night time night vision testing at the hacienda with our friend Kyle over the weekend. Although he didn’t manage to catch up to the coyote he that thinks is out there somewhere. Maybe next time.

Pronoun badge emoji

When it comes to the use of emoji, I will admit I am probably not the best. Walter and I are from a different generation then Patrick and I am sure that more often than not I use the wrong emoji for what I think it symbolizes. Now comes the use of pronoun badge in any profession or establishment.

Last week, a Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina medical student was put on leave after tweeting about deliberately injuring a patient for mocking her use of a pronoun badge that said She/Her. After a thorough investigation, the university wrote a statement on Twitter stating that the student ‘didn’t intend to harm’ the patient.

The Med Student did later tweet an apology on Twitter stating “I am writing this as an apology for a very irresponsible tweet that I sent on Twitter that I highly regret.” Honestly, what does it all mean?

If we can’t behave professionally to do our jobs regardless of differences of belief, then I am not sure what any of this wokeness is doing for any of us. Except moving us backwards as a humane society.


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