Episode 879 : Lead Star Arms Great Line Up At The Gathering By PSA

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WMMF Episode 879 : Lead Star Arms Gret New Product Line Up At The Gathering By PSA. On This episode of Who Moved My Freedom, I am joined by Retired Marine Mike Sexton, Director of Sales at Lead Star Arms and  Competitive Shooter /Dealer Sales at Lead Star Mike Willis to discuss up and coming new products launches from Lead Star as well as the 2022 product line that will be at the Gathering By PSA this weekend.

Lead Star which is a “sister company” of Palmetto State Armory /PSA will be at The Gathering event in Clinton, South Carolina this weekend at the Clinton House Plantation.

I am also joined by The 2nd is For Everyone (2A4E) Podcast Host Tony Simon. Tony runs the 2A4E Diversity Shoot which introduces new people to firearms, advocacy, grows the community & destroys the negative media driven stereotype.


Hank: “So Tell Us How Lead Star Came About?”

Mike Sexton : “Lead Star was started by a Retired Navy Senior Chief and he made big wheel motorcycle parts for Victory Motorcycle  the floor boards handle bars all the fancy after market stuff and then when Victory went out of business he had all these CNCs laying around and he said I need to start making something.”

Mike Sexton: “So he said let me make some rifles. So if you haven’t looked on on our website, we started with a competition style high end rifle, that is skeletonized very light as you guys have seen in the Helium light weight rifle. Now that’s how the company started and then the Grunt came along about 2 years ago…”

The Gathering Firearms Media Event  is a Firearm Range Day and Expo presented by Palmetto State Armory / PSA to bring together the firearms community, media and the public to showcase new and existing products in a family friendly environment.

The event will take place March 18-20th in Clinton, SC at The Clinton House Plantation and is free for anyone under the age of 16. Hope to see you there!


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