Episode 874 : FreeForAll Monday: Ukraine Self Defense

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WMMF Podcast: FreeForAll Monday. On This episode of Who Moved My Freedom, It’s FreeForAll Monday. Ukraine, self defense and why the Second Amendment is so important is the first topic of discussion with Walter of Safety Harbor Firearms and Patrick Babyface P. Its Monday and we’ve got lots to catch up on, Gorn to share and much more!

The Second Amendment was part of the Bill of Rights that was added to the Constitution on December 15, 1791. This amendment protects the rights of citizens of the United States to “bear arms” or own weapons such as firearms for self defense and home defense. This is one of the monumental privileges that Americans that have that the most people outside of American do have. Just look at the current situation with Russia and the Ukraine.

The War in Russia “is like Canada trying to invade the USA.” The people of Ukraine are fighting for their lives and their country as we would here.  Video of Ukrainians dropping Molotov cocktails in on its enemies in self defense has been circulating the internet.


Hank: “I’m kinda in the middle of two kinds of thoughts in this whole thing with the Ukraine. Some stuff happened back in January last year, and here in America all the politicians were like these people are bastards how dare they make us feel uncomfortable.  Even recently some stuff happened with the truckers in Canada that happened and they come down on those people like a ton of bricks”

Patrick: “We love Democracy, and we love when you protest for Democracy except when you try to protest our Democracy”

Hank: “Yeah, and then for us personally, as 2A people, as people who believe in the second amendment, who believe in the constitution blah blah blah you know all the things I’m preaching to the choir, I mean these mofos have been coming down on us for a long time. They’ve been crushing people in American for a long time. Now all of a sudden it’s like oh make the Molotov cocktails… look at these awesome brave people”

Hank: “I think Ukraine is the perfect example of why people to be able to defend themselves and cannot leave their fate up to their own government or outside government.”

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