Episode 871 : Brownells Inaugural National 2nd Amendment Day

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WMMF Podcast: Brownells Inaugural National 2nd Amendment Day #2ADay. On This episode of Who Moved My Freedom, It’s #twosday. Roy Hill of Brownells joins me along with Rolando Of Locked and Loaded Latinos Podcast to talk about Brownells National Inaugural 2nd Amendment Day. Kevin Dixie of No Other Choice Firearms Training also joins us live from an event location, The Range STL,  in St. Louis, MO.  From Brownells Press Release:

Brownells invites liberty-minded people across America to Celebrate. Advocate. Join in the freedoms guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights during the Inaugural National 2nd Amendment Day! 2A Day – February 22, 2022.

The Inaugural celebration is cosponsored with the FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition) the ASA (American Suppressor Association) and the 2nd Amendment Foundation.  In celebration of this great day we’ve got awesome 22s to show and much more!


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